N Scale model trains

N scale trains are one of my interests. N scale trains are a German invention of the 1960's, running on track with a gauge of 9mm which has evolved into a scale of 1:160.

That means, by the way, that a N scale locomotive is 1/4096000 actual volume of a real one! If you want to have fun, put your N scale locomotive on an accurate postal scale, multiply that weight by 4,096,000 and see how it compares to reality!

For those not familiar, take a look at this picture to get a sense of the size of one of these locomotives.

Is that an 11 foot diameter nickel next to full size GE C44-9W?

My goal is to eventually model something like the hyperindustrial Chemical Coast line in northern New Jersey. (You know, the area between exits 13 and 15 on the NJ Turnpike!) The fun thing about modeling this area is that you can use Conrail, CSX, and Norfolk Southern stuff since they all share parts of the area. This helps tremendously as there is a lot less choices for N scale modelers as opposed to those who model in HO.

I'd like to model an oil refinery (Linden), intermodal facilities (Newark/Elizabeth), maybe even the Tropicana train! (Kearny).

My primary modeling era is today, but I also have some equipment from bygone eras as well. Presently I have a Pennsylvania E8 with matching passenger car set (1950's) and a New York Central J3a Hudson Streamliner with matching passenger car set from the famous 20th Century Limited. In the roster section there are more pictures of these locomotives and passenger cars.

For stuff from the West and North of the border, I also like to include locomotives and rolling stock from the Union Pacific and Canadian Pacific railroads. Variety is the spice of life!

From here, take a look at the following stuff:

Stuff to come, maybe:

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