The Chemical Coast

The "Chemical Coast" consists of mainly petrochemoical refineries, chemical plants, power generating stations, as well as an import export industry where cargo containers and automobiles are loaded and offloaded onto ships. The area starts at around Woodbridge and goes north through towns like Linden, Elizabeth, Newark, and Jersey City, up to about Secaucus.

To model this area, aside from general freight cars like boxcars and hoppers, liberal amounts of tank cars are required, as well as lots of cargo containers, and auto racks.

Here are a few pictures I've managed to take while driving on the Turnpike, which I don't recommend you do unless you have a helper.

A typical train of double-stack cars with containers loaded

Endless black tanker cars are not uncommon. I assume they are loaded with petroleum products from crude oil to LPG

I want to model one of these so badly! This is one of the refineries probably in Linden.

More and more tank cars

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