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The Inevitable Anime Page

  So, here it is, the inevitable page dedicated to animated works from across the pacific. Rather than listing things I've seen or liked, what I will do is list the animated and comic series that I've actually liked enough to purchase.

So, what's the attraction to this stuff? Although shows like Dexter's Lab, Power Puff Girls, South Park, Samurai Jack, and the like have changed the state of the art in American animation, the Japanese market has traditionally been far more creative in experimenting with the animation medium.

So, below are the few series that I've enjoyed, along with a small review. In some instances, the logo will take you to a more detailed page on that particular series. Caution though, there may be spoilers!

(updated periodically, whenever I get around to it: last messed with this on May 3 2003)


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NG Knight Lamune & 40


If I have to pick a favorite, this is it. Follow the link to my Lamune Compleat site (which is, honestly, not very 'compleat' at all) Regardless, click on the logo and take a look at the fun and silly Lamune & 40 universe.

KO Seiki BEAST Sanjuushi


Quite possibly the oldest remaining piece of this website, Club Beast is perhaps one of the most complete references to this great series. Which isn't saying much- Click on the logo and go back to 1997 and the Club Beast site.

Outlaw Star


This is a fun and unique series created by my friend, Takehiko Ito. It is a curious mix of sci-fi, with space ships, and alien races with an added element of magic thrown in. It follows the story of a small time bounty hunter, Gene Starwind and his young sidekick Jim Hawking as they get mixed up in a huge mysterious adventure. Joined by a mysterious android girl, Melfina, a deadly assassin Shizuka, and a pompous beast girl Aisha Clan-Clan, together in their hijacked ship "Outlaw Star", they seek the treasure at the Galactic Leyline.

This series was broadcast on Cartoon Network.

There is a follow-up series to Outlaw Star, called Angel Links

Dirty Pair


Ok, I admit it, I really like the Adam Warren Dirty Pair comics. Not that the original Dirty Pair series is bad--I have that as well, but the Warren version definitely appeals to a different crowd. The humor and scenarios do appeal to a wider, more mainstream American audience, and maybe that's why so many anime fans reject it. But, I like it. So there.

Battle Athletes
(Battle Athletess Daiundokai)


Okay- space stations, aliens, cute girls in cute uniforms, athletic competition, and a cow from the moon. It doesn't sound like a winning combination, but it really works to great effect. This is a different and unique change from the typical anime series. Its highly character driven, with a plethora of strange, quirky characters, which I enjoy. Thanks to Hiroki Hayashi and his team at AIC for this one.

Note: There is a TV series and an OAV series. While the characters are mostly the same, the stories and scenarios are totally different. The OAV has a more serious edge, whereas the TV series leans a lot more on the comedy. If you need to pick one, go for the TV series (sold in the USA and Canada as "Battle Athletes Victory")

The original title, as per Mr. Hayashi, is "Battle Athletess Daiundokai". Athletess being 'female athlete' and 'daiundokai' meaning 'big athletic competition'.

Saber Marionette J


I really liked this one. It takes place on planet called Terra 2, where an unfortunate mishap crashes a colony ship. The only survivors are a few men, and they populate the planet by creating secondary clones of themselves. Despite their high level of technology, they are unable to clone a female. The only female presence is in the form of emotionless automatons called Marionettes. A young boy named Otaru accidentally activates a Marionette called Lime, who unlike any other Marionette, is equipped with a full battery of emotions. The childlike Lime, the subdued Cherry, and fiery Bloodberry form a team under the tutelage of Otaru on how to learn right from wrong and to fight for the right cause. In this case, it would be against the similar evil Saber Dolls of the evil Faust. The story is well done, as the Saber Marionettes learn about what being human is really all about. Together they must fight to release the only human female left, being held captive by an emotionally distraught supercomputer in orbit around Terra 2.

This is a very well done series, especially if you enjoy the idea of machines struggling to come to terms with what it means to be human.

Hand Maid May


This is a fun series. In a nutshell, a college engineering student, Kazuya Saotme, accidentally receives a one foot tall 'Cyberdoll' maid. When he can't pay the 1.5 million dollar bill, the CyberDyne corporation makes many humorous futile attempts to recover the cute Cyberdoll. Strangely enough, Cyberdoll May seems to be more emotionally attached to her master Kazuya than seems normal.

Revolutionary, no, but fun and worth watching. If you liked Saber Marionette J, you would probably enjoy this as well.

Click on the logo for my detailed review of this series!

Gunsmith Cats


Okay, how can you not like this one? Let's add up the points:

1: Main character, Rally, is a cute bounty hunter!
2: Rally owns a gun shop!
3: Her sidekick, Minnie May, is little and cute!
4: Minnie May likes to blow stuff up with bombs!
5: It takes places in Chicago, nowhere near Japan!
6: Rally drives a 1967 Shelby Cobra! 

Watch this one, you can't possibly go wrong, unless you're looking for a story!

Tokyo Mew Mew

A team of magical girls, infused with the DNA of endangered species, that transform into cute warriors to save the world. All this, and led by a catgirl dressed in an over-the-top pink outfit. If you like catgirls or Sailor Moon, this is for you. If you like both, then may whatever God you believe in have mercy on your soul.

Warning: may promote tooth decay.


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