Anime Toys

Here's a visual encyclopedia of some of my anime toys, click on the small picture to view a larger version:


This is a very cute Cyberdoll May toy. It stands about 6" tall, making it approximately 1/2 scale. It's so cute, I bought one for home and one for work. The head is poseable, as is the hip joint. It came with two sets of legs, one standing, and one kneeling. The detail and paint work on it is so well done, its far better than if I built a garage kit myself! Did I mention it was cute?


This is an extremely cute toy of Mahoro from Mahoromatic. Its about the same size as the May toy, so the two android maids can battle for cleaning rights on the toy shelf. Did I forget to mention this was cute too?

Imagine my surprise when I was walking through Toys R Us and I saw this little gem hanging on the pegboard. I had no idea Bandai released Outlaw Star toys here, so I had to have it. It consists of the Outlaw Star, and small fixed pose figures of Melfina and Gene Starwind.


I'm not a big Ah! My Goddess fan, but when I saw the quality of the work on this Belldandy model, I had to have one. The Skuld and Urd were added for completeness sake. Very nicely done toys!

Here is a nice Nakoruru toy. Its not an illusion, the sculpting of the clothes is really that baggy. I particularly like the detail on the hawk. Nice indeed!

This is a cute "second player" purple version of Nakoruru. It is actually a model you would get from a vending machine, in a plastic capsule. It consists of about 10 pieces that press fit together. It stands about 3 inches tall.

My sister gave me this Sakura Wars toy. I like it, its a lot like Nakoruru except she has a really big sword!

I got these Sailor Moon toys at some anime convention somewhere. They're about 4 inches tall, and they weren't intended for long term display use. After a few months the plastic began to warp and they started leaning over. I glued a clear plastic rod to the back of the legs and they stood ever since.

Now, for the AIC section: Akari Kanzaki from Battle Athletes. 1/6 scale and very nicely done vinyl figure. I'll admit, I'm getting lazy. With stuff like this out there, there's not much reason to build them yourself!

Here's a cute Padodu from Mahou Yuugi (aka Magical Witchland) This figure is a little different in the sense that it has cloth clothing. Still very cute nonetheless!

This is cool, the first entry in a new series of figures of Capcom Vs. SNK characters. Chun Li is of course a favorite from the Street Fighter series. Now, when are they going to make E. Honda?

Nuku Nuku, the cute cat-girl from Bannoubunka Nekomusume. This is an older figure, from 1997 or so.

This is a very old bendable Lum toy. I wonder if it has any appreciable value, considering I still have the box?

OK. Where do I begin with this one? For starters, this is an excellent figure of Mew Ichigo from the (currently) popular Tokyo Mew Mew. Perhaps it's best described as Death by Strawberry.
(ichigo means strawberry, by the way)
Cute, over the top, and it's a catgirl. Do I need to say more? It's so wonderfully done, I got one for the office and one for home. Nobody at the office seems to care. I think they've come to expect this particular brand of strangeness from me at this point.

Go here for more Tokyo Mew Mew madness.

I've not seen Love Hina yet, but I saw this figure and I had to have it. This is quite possibly the perfect work desktop accessory:

It's a desktop party with Mitsune and the ADIC Penguin!


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