Last Updated: Dec 29 2001

Welcome to my World Trade Center info page. I've not invested much into the look of things around here, but I hope the content makes up for it.

Here you will find:

Check back for other stuff of interest, rants and raves, etc. that will be sure to come. I'm sure I've got other pictures/videos/etc that I've taken in the past that I may stumble across.

Just a few notes for those of you not from the area:

PATH = Port Authority Trans Hudson. These are trains that run under the Hudson River from New Jersey (Newark, Jersey City, Hoboken) to New York City. The old timers refer to these as the "Hudson Tubes". Construction of these train tunnels began back in the late 19th century by the Hudson and Manhattan Railroad- also called the "H&M".

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is a quasi-governmental body that controls the bridges, tunnels, airports, and ports in the NY/NJ metro area. They constructed the Twin Towers and it was the headquarters of the organization.

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Mike Pepe