More Pictures!

Warning though, most of these are big 1280x1024 images around 400k-500k

Images taken in New York, first 7 taken from the observation deck of the Empire State Building. August 5, 2000

The Chrysler Building, with the 59th Street bridge visible behind it.

Looking north, with Central Park and the George Washington Bridge visible.

Looking south at downtown Manhattan.

The very famous Flatiron Building.

Looking across the Hudson at Jersey City.

This is what the Empire State Building's spire looks like up close.

Tighter shot of the Downtown skyline.

The Chrysler Building as seen from ground level.


Pictures taken from Hoboken, August 5, 2000.

Looking at Midtown.

Looking at Downtown.


Pictures taken from John's boat (so pardon the random tilting, its really hard to take pictures on a rocking boat)

The Verrazano Bridge

The huge span is obvious in this shot

Looking back, super wide angle shot

Approaching the Brooklyn Bridge

Close up of the tower

Another shot of the Brooklyn tower

The steel tower of the Manhattan Bridge

The Queens tower of the Williamsburg Bridge

Looking at midtown from the river

A view millions of immigrants probably saw, the Statue of Liberty from New York Harbor


Brooklyn Bridge images, taken during a horrible rainy day in February 2000