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From: froilan (fasm87@mailcity.com)
Date: Fri Aug 21 19:12:30 1998
hi!..... Dorky, hello to you... we've met before when i was staying in hagdang bato in mandaluyong and it's nice to see that your band is doing okay and that your having this web site for the band... it's cool having this guest book to be intouch with friends and fans at the same time... aim high and never give up, music is the best part of life... see you next time and hoping that you could e-mail me...

From: omeng
Date: Mon Aug 3 04:41:59 1998
finally! All right?!? I'm here. Satisfied, guys? Finally got to read the guest book. I'm on to the rest of the pages. Ciao.

From: Daniel Dennis Lim (danieldennislim@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 28 04:37:31 1998
Something from one of the "creatures" that crawled to your space. Hello Dorky, what can I say- IT ROCKS! I really enjoyed viewing your Chain Gang page. Never thought it was such a struggle, I was even actually imagining you guys while reading through how it came to be. You know, kinda like those movie sequences that establishes the drama. Hahaha! Anyway, I really admire you guys. I wish you,Naomi,Mae and Sunny the best in your endeavors. Keep Rattlin' and Rockin'! God Speed Chain Gang.?@ Daniel Dennis

From: Nest (nestyvm@lookingforme.com)
Date: Mon Jul 27 23:18:15 1998
Kewl Ebeaaaahhhhhh ....... may webpage na kayo! Kailan kaya kami makakapunta ng Asylum at sa iba nyo pang gig, free beers hah!? Any mall tours, concert series or hihintayin ko na lang kayo sa Eat Bulaga? Bwa hahahahahhhhhh!!!!

From: eloi - the 'master' kuno (elwa@rocketmail.com)
Date: Mon Jul 27 21:54:34 1998
Yipee!! Wow! may website na! geleng-geleng. ipagpatuloy ang pagkalat nang lagim.. uh-oh... nang kagalingan pala. Hopefully 'yung music niyo umabot pa sa mga ibang tenga, tenga ng aso, pusa, butiki at kung ano-ano pa, para universal... at-at-at! Goodluck to you guys, especially sa idol ng buong O&M, si April Boy... opps, Dorky pala. And Dorky, just wait for my website, duon ka na oorder nang pagkain. Eloi's hapag kainan.

From: joany mony (jomat98@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jul 27 21:38:48 1998
hey dorky baby! napakagandang webpage in! kaya lang napaka tagal buksan! good luck!

From: SHEI (sygonzales@yahoo.com)
Date: Mon Jul 27 10:23:35 1998
TO DORKY: LOOKING FORWARD TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER IN SALES AND MARKETING? o di ba? para bang pang saleslady ng tower records? anyway, good luck sa inyong band, magaling kayo, siyempre ikaw idol, naks! o sige, kita-kita na lang tayo sa next sepak takraw pratice...

From: itchy jazz (lizardfootsteps@hotmail.com , weirdo@the-beatles.com)
Date: Tue Jul 21 13:53:43 1998
hah hey! love yer page! please give me album. ingats... goodluck p.s. who's tongue is that?!?

From: jazz (lizardfootsteps@hotmail.com , weirdo@the-beatles.com)
Date: Tue Jul 21 13:45:59 1998
POIUYT!! hello chain gang! i come from beyond. i find your page very hard to find. please be aware of the teddy bear eclaire. tomorrow will never come if ever it does... i dedicate... and i hope you very much!!! ...so there! blame me, JAZZ

From: BUTCH(pronounced as BATCH) (butch@homewithoutacomputer.com)
Date: Tue Jul 14 03:29:07 1998
GO SPICE GIRLS! SILA PA RIN ANG D'ORIGINAL ALL GIRL GROUP..aside from the Aldeguer sisters at Tarzan and Baby Jane... Pwede ba kayong tumugtog sa church namin this Sunday? with you in Christ's love, Alleluiah! EMMANUEL SILVERIO "BUTCH" L. TAYAO

From: BUTCH(pronounced as BATCH) (butch@homewithoutacomputer.com)
Date: Tue Jul 14 03:27:01 1998
GO SPICE GIRLS! SILA PA RIN ANG D'ORIGINAL ALL GIRL GROUP..aside from the Aldeguer sisters at Tarzan and Baby Jane... Pwede ba kayong tumugtog sa church namin this Sunday? with you in Christ's love, Alleluiah! EMMANUEL SILVERIO "BUTCH" L. TAYAO

From: ramir (papa_ramir@hotmail.com)
Date: Tue Jul 14 03:10:13 1998
sunny day, sweeping the clouds away, on my way to where the air is sweet... oi sunny lucero.... ang yabang ng banda mo...dyoklang! Q. Bakit kalahati lang ng mukha mo ang kita sa picture ng gig sa Nakpil Street? A. Hindi ikaw ang kinukunan ng kodak. hello sa mga ka-banda mo...Dorky, Naomi and Mae. p.s. sana more sounbits. ang iyong abang lingkod, RAMIR

From: berto (more@pacific.net.ph)
Date: Tue Jul 14 03:05:32 1998
looking forward to jamming with you guys... actually...inggit ako! more power?

From: girl in the grave
Date: Fri Jul 10 14:53:07 1998
When? I have been listening to you guys since I first heard "What's Ahead" on the radio. You guys were the greatest Filipino band ever. I don't wanna sound non-patriotic, but I thought you guys were foreigners, especially with Naomi's vocal. The music was very original and technically superb (musically speaking). Anyway, I had to leave the country for medical treatment. And I asked my friends to look for your "smelly" album but no one could find it. And I just endured my weakening days with a taped copy of What's Ahead from 99.5 RT. And as luck finally came to me, I secured a copy. And I have been really lucky since, I managed to stay alive during those times. And since my final days are about to come, I would like to hear Chain Gang's second album. Eventhough I wasn't able to see you guys perform, I would love to hear chain Gang's new music. I have been faraway for so long, and still I'm going farther away, and the sound of your music might not reach me at the end,

From: Jake (seikojake@rocketmail.com)
Date: Fri Jul 10 01:58:17 1998
wala lang...na ngungulit...heheheh naomi.....uhm....alam mo bang bawal itong ginawa ko...pero kahit na...hi na lang at sana mapanood kita and your friends

From: jigs ona
Date: Mon Jul 6 23:11:33 1998
dorcastinah hi dorcastinah! enjoyed your web page!

From: Floren (bwasia@webquest.com)
Date: Sun Jul 5 21:31:15 1998
Dorky, nice green tongue,siguro sa iyo yong, congrats, regards kay.naoimi,and the group

From: baloi (penotbaloi@aol.com)
Date: Wed Jun 24 01:59:47 1998
ako ay nagtataka hoi mae ... school girls daw kayo. harharhar ... hindi yata binasa ang profile nyo o kaya di naintindihan. morons daw kayo. hanep na mga moron ... magaling tumugtog ng mga instrumento, gumagawa ng magagandang kanta at pag covers ang hinirit ay di pahuhuli. teka, kung morons kayo, imbecile siguro siya. ni hindi man lang iniwan email address. pretending to be cool daw kayo ... katawa-tawa. no kayang ibig sabihin nito? baka naman na-meet nyo na to at naisnab ninyo. tsk... tsk.. tsk ... pusong mamon naman pala eh. o sige ... baka mamaya eh makasakit pa ako ng damdamin. talaga lang takang-taka ako... hai ... at least nag-bother syang pakinggan ang sound bites. fair naman tong site na to, kaya lang eh hinay-hinay naman sa sulat at pintas, hane?

From: Hanap Pintas
Date: Sat Jun 20 14:13:27 1998
Your music sucks!...You are a bunch of moronic school girls trying to sound cool when you're not!...Paganda muna kayo!...

From: eekrod
Date: Thu Jun 18 03:48:36 1998
hey mae! well... have you spoken to baloi about the u-know-what? what happened to pfft? why is he all squatty-looking?

From: Mike Reyes (mreyes@pusit.admu.edu.ph)
Date: Tue Jun 16 22:54:59 1998 Ahehehe. So I was following an old link! O, so this guestbook works now. Goody. Now to the more mundane efforts of searching for things to criticize on this page or set of pages.... =P

From: cholo paz (cholopaz@webtv.net)
Date: Mon Jun 15 00:40:34 1998
great website. keep up the good work.

From: Danny Tizon (dtizon@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed Jun 10 19:16:53 1998
Haven't heard the new stuff Mae, how can we get hold of your new stuff here in California? Meron na ba sa Virgin? Pwede bang ma-arbor yung mga demo tapes?

From: itchy Bhoy Kelbo (iworms@the-beatles.com)
Date: Wed Jun 10 10:45:30 1998
Gain Chang Hello Chain Gang! Well I've been one of the lucky ppl who have already listened to yer album (courtesy of Madame Dorky) ... and I must say that it kicks ass =o) pardon the words.. and it deserves a two thumbs up! Anyway it's nice to see u guys gigging again. Mow Pawah! Gudlak!

From: Teddy Catuira (teddycat@skyinet.net)
Date: Wed Jun 10 00:02:15 1998
Wala lang... Hey ... hey ... hey ... Mga techies din pala ang mga musikerong ito... Ayaw paawat ha? Hi Dorky, and the chaingang gang... Kelan ba ang susunod na regular gigs? Balita naman...

From: Earnest (fposporos@gurlmail.com)
Date: Tue Jun 9 15:02:41 1998
cool page Welcome to ze vanderfool werld of homepages. to whomever is maintaining this page -- ingat ka. there will be nights (or days) na nakababad ka sa puter mo just fiddling with yer homepage <-- an affliction otherwise known as net addiction. *lol* see u ppl sa asylum.

From: cynthia bauzon (cbauzon@pacific.net.ph)
Date: Tue Jun 9 11:42:58 1998
hi chain gang...ang galing niyo! i'm glad to know that you r finally active in the band scene again! dorks, bagay sa yo yung long-hair-with-slight-fringe-plus-headband-and-neckerchief-look dun sa early CG pic *hehe*. anyway, it's cool that u have a home on the web now. see ya!

From: baloi (penotbaloi@aol.com)
Date: Sun Jun 7 01:17:06 1998
dagdag pananalita minamahal kong chain gang, salamat at ako ay binigyan ng pagkakataon na mapanood ng personal ang inyong pagtugtog. hanep... talagang magaling. walang itulak-kabigin ni isa man sa inyo. sunny ... galing ng bass mo, bilibs. dorky, oks na oks ang drumming, parang di pagod galing trabaho. naomi, di ako makapaniwala na kinakabahan ka ... suwabeng-suwabe ang boses. at siyiempre ... ang galing-galing ni mae, walang kahirap-hirap at parang nilalaro lang ang fretboard. ang galing ng originals nyo ... looking forward na ako sa next album. bilisan ninyo ha! oks ang web page ha ... may improvement agad. may animation na. sa susunod, video at audio clips na ha.

From: marou
Date: Sat Jun 6 08:12:45 1998
WHY? Why the hell I'm at the bottom of the list (the crawlers)? And I thought I was voted president of the fan club?

From: sunny (sun@skyinet.net)
Date: Fri Jun 5 21:45:44 1998
ayyy hello.

From: BALOI (penotbaloi@aol.com)
Date: Fri Jun 5 10:05:13 1998
wala lang ... forever! harharhar ... waw ... galing naman ...nakagawa na kayo ng webpage. pag-uwi ko ulit ... baka di na kayo maabot. buti na lang at napanood ko na kayo sa wakas. gleng-gleng ...

End of Chain Gang Guest Register.