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Name: Jude (totalwreck@drunkmail.com http://wrecksite.envy.nu)
Date: Aug 13, 2002
From: way up there!
Referred by: my parole officer
Comments: re-release the first album please!!! please! please! please! please!
Name: Jauhn Dabz
Date: July 21, 2002
From: the projects
Referred by: kakosa
Comments: Hi Dorky.. and Naomi.. and Sunny.. and Mae.. just thought I'd let you know I keep dropping by this site and I love the way it grew since then.. Keep up the noise girlies..
Name: marchiesal (wong may@bandabandabanda.com)
Date: May 20, 2002
From: makati paren
Comments: ey wazzup dj mando of nu mentioned sumthing bout you guys going international ''''ashtig.harharhar at isa pang har well i just bought your cd at tower last year and had no idea wat you sound like but it was worth spending my tuition kickback on you guys,and after that i decided to form an indie band as well making the breeders and chaingang,and also sixpence... as influences ...uhm the problem is...i want to have a copy of yur 1st album and i dunno wer to find one...so can you help me with that...we really like your music and that is wats this all about...ey my pet turtle cries everytime it hears your song "slowly" hehehe...ingat po.
Name: Kim (rm448@madscientistclinics.com)
Date: Mar 3, 2002
From: in front of my pc
Comments: i see you've been playing for quite a long time now... anyway, i just wanna know, coz i just heard about u guys 2day (i saw ur link at monsterbot's page), (ah shet! itatagalog kona nga!), ayun... ano bang mairerekomenda nyong kanta na i download ko? wag nyo sabihing lahat kasi diba, syempre, matagal mag download... ano ang pinaka pede sa first time na makikinig sa inyo na tulad ko? yun lang. salamat.

Name: bob marley shylock2345@aol.com
Date: Feb 20, 2002
From: northeast america
Comments: love you.
==Response: Aww! :D
Name: Grace
Date: Jan 25, 2002
From: the boondocks
Comments: HEY Dorky, what would you say if I gave your mom the address to this website and she sees that picture with a cigarette brazenly dangling from your lips? I bet it would REALLY be hard to convince her that it's actualy a drum stick (is that what it's called?), right? Hence my proposal: I really want that new album but my problem is that I'm up here in the boondocks (add the fact that highly urbanized areas make me nervous, ergo I don't see myself descending from the heavens in the near future). As we likewise very well know, I am also a cheapskate. So there. Get my drift?
==Response: It's a broken drumstick! I bit it in half!
Name: bukol
Date: Jan 24, 2002
From: the hood, usa
Comments: dorky, borrow naman your george michael cd. never surrender, yeah, boo.
==Response: I think I know you, yes you cover Corey Hart...
Name: Jesse astrojesse@yahoo.com
Date: Jan 23, 2002
From: Makati
Comments: I feel awful because I missed your Verve gig. I have been waiting for that gig for years, only to miss it because of some stupid foul-up. Yadiyadida. The CD is great, but it can hardly compensate to seeing you live. When will your next gig be? :)
==Response: Make a guess!
Name: one day old feurehc_j23@yahoo.com
Date: Jan 22, 2002
From: chicago
Referred by: pipoy
Comments: "Onedayold" band (chicago) would like congratulate you for achieving your goal in music. just keep on rockin'. see you later. sunny (bass) you're cute. from: fej's
==Response: Thank you...Sunny is not available...at present.. ;-)
Name: BloodOfHeloise (BloodOfHeloise@womenwhokickass.com)
Date: Jan 18, 2002
From: mla
Referred by: nobody
Comments: i just wanna say i luv ur cd!!! ur songs are really great!!! i got more than my money's worth ... my bf gave me this really queer look when i picked up your album instead of the new tori amos album (which was what i intended to buy in the first place), i just got so intrigued by the album cover ... hehehe really cool ...aniweys my bf got hooked on you guys too ... and i am starting to spread the word ... keep rockin'!!! u women are just totally totally great musicians!!! may more merry blessings from the Supreme Spirit come ur way. hope to see you guys perform live though ... when is the next concert?
==Response: Hey thanks! May you and bf have lots of fun..
Name: oji oji@yeayea.com
Date: Jan 10, 2002
From: right exactly nowhere, approximatelly somewhere aroud limbo.
Referred by: I can't remember
Comments: Hey guys ty 4 e-mailing me ur gigs. sa susunod uli ha? I really admire you a lot, u are gods!
==Response: Thank you
Name: marchiesal
Date: Jan 8, 2002
From: makati
Referred by: the gods whove heard thy sungs
Comments: great,nax,galing,ayuz,hataw,hanep,high healing powers,sounds good tastes even better(saliva),lusciously crafted,foreign, universal hmmmmmm wat else?ayun nakakapraning,ang galing nyu nmn, sana mktugtog kyu sa cafe na itatatag ko under your 2nd album's frst single ..hahaha just remember this co-freak of yours na nagpasikat sa nyo in downtown fort bonifacio who has a bnd tht covers your ingenuinely glittering emotional benevolently rebellious music...keep making good songs and promise if i made it o heaven and your not you four can change places with me so you ca be my angels frum hell ...thankxxx[you man is an ecelnt produce by the way]
==Response: Fort Bonifacio rocks!
Name:Chinky sonia@soundbuzz.com
Date: Jan 3, 2002
From: local
Comments: hey, guys, i am so proud! great album! great website! but what's that photo doing there?!
==Response: Chinky was our first bass player...see PHOTOS
Name: ni2y sm4sobe@aol.com
Date: November 21, 2001
From: SoCAL (LA/SD)!!
Referred by: GoOgle.COM
Comments: ATE DORKY!!! SOO i have found you once again!!! and the CHAIN GANG! xXcelent SITE! WE ALL MISS YA HERE IN DA STATES (san diego n los angeles representin)! SoO wutchu been up to? How's the family? {{HAPPY THANKSGIVING}} ATE, email me so i won't tell my lifestory on this G-book..Kk? just glad to have found your band's site again, been wondering wutchu all up to? TAKECARES!!
Name: Anjo K     xtreme@flash.net.ph
Website: www.soundsmiths.cjb.net
Date: November 1, 2001
From: QC
Referred by: bombsite
Comments: Very Very unique website !!!
Name: Eloi     judyanne@fanclub.com
Date: October 10, 2001
From: 100 ft away from Dorcas
Referred by: Sino nga ba 'yon?
Comments: Habang tumatagal paganda ng paganda, anong shampoo niyo?... What can I say? Still, I admire you girls, lalo na to my friend Dorky!! Keep up! Keep up!! I'm looking forward to see you on stage. Luv yur muzzzicccc!!!
Name: Adam Troy delos Reyes
Date: October 9, 2001
From: Paranaque
Referred by: When the rain comes down...
Comments: i think you're the best.sana ma-release ulit 'yung first album n'yo sa CD. great bass lines & lyrics & evrything!!!!!!!!
==Response: Thank you!
Name: Adel     soundpop@aol.com
Date: October 2, 2001
From: San Francisco CA USA
Comments: Hey Chain Gang, I like your website, it has cool graphics and gif moving design effects. I saw your vidclips too as well and I must say that for a girl band? You guys rock!!! Keep it up Mustang Sallies !!!
==Response: Thank you! Love, Daria rocks!
Name: Oji     ojiwan@hotmail.com
Date: September 18, 2001
Referred by: www.bauzon.ph
Comments: U guys r goooood. Nakaka-inspire pa kc may day job na kyo, pero me tym prin kayo sa music.
==Response: Actually halos wala ng time, pero salamat.
Name: Carl     ckarl_mark@hotmail.com
Date: September 6, 2001
Referred by: Ciudad
Comments: Hi well I really haven't seen u guys perform yet but I kinda like the format of ur website!!!! Anyway hope we could play with u guys am really intrested in how ur music sounds peace and keep up the music..... Karl of MONSTERBOT
==Response: You too!
Name: Toni     tonigrrrl@yahoo.com
Date: September 2, 2001
From: floating around
Comments: I think you grrrls are exceptional. Keep up the great work, and let me know when your 2nd CD comes out. Miss hanging out with you. Be well! =D *hugs to everyone*
==Response: Thanks for the hugs.
Name: jauhn dabz    
Website: www.geocities.com/asianprince213
Date: September 1, 2001
From: here..sitting..while reading paper..and emoting..
Referred by: some out of job art director
Comments: wow! major upgrade ladies.. ten thumbs and two toes up.. even better than asianprince's website i might add.. if u ever need someone for mass production or pirating ur cds, pwede ako ok? ill even give it away for free .. promotion baga d b? hows my dorky there?
==Response: Dorky is not available at present..or maybe she is...
Name: Cynthia B     (cbauzon@pacific.net.ph)
Website: www.bauzon.ph/cynthia
Date: August 29, 2001
From: Manila
Comments: Hey, girls! Congratulations on your new album, Dorky told me all about it (: Galing-galing! Hi, Mae!!! Hope you can come home na so we can watch the band again soon (:
==Response: Yo Cynthia! Cynthia rocks! Check out her website!
Name: oji     oji@yeayea.com
Date: August 27, 2001
From: here
Referred by: sandwich
Comments: where have u guys been? or mybe where have i been? Kinda missin from freq modulation...why? Well, watevr. Good to knw u stil here!
Name: Boy Diaz     (boydiaz50@yahoo.com)
Date: August 22, 2001
From: Long Island, New York
Comments: More Power to all of you guys!!!!!! Hoping to hear from you!!!! Hoping to see you here in New York!!!!CHOWWWWWW!!!!!!!
==Response: Nu Yawk?!!
Name: zeejay     (zeej@rocketmail.com)
Date: August 15, 2001
Comments: now i remember why i joined a punk band years ago!
==Response: That punk band kicked ass! Specially the vocalist!
Name: Marivic A     (narecords@musikero.ph)
Website: www.narecords.com
Date: August 13, 2001
From: ummmm, home?
Referred by: ummmm, yehey?
Comments: HEY!!! I found this. No i didn't. You sent me the url. THIS IS A TERRIFIC BAND AND YOU SHOULD ALL BUY THE ALBUM! (of course the fact that i work for the record label has nothing at all to do with it.)
==Response: Yes everyone, please buy the album and we might make enough to put out another one!
Name: Butch (Pronounced Batch)     (merpelo@home.com)
Date: August 03, 2001
From: Toronto
Comments: Did you go to de La Salle University along taft Ave? Liberal Arts??
==Response: Uh-oh!
Name: miss sea tee lee ling     (catfish13jones@hotmail.com)
Date: July 30, 2001
Comments: chain gang jazz happens to be zee first relevant all-female rock band in the islands.. z 1st album s like a sizta, a close friend and ebweeteeen high could eva need, well not real lee but yknow close enuff, pwera bola.. served as juan o z soundtracks o an xcitin musical journey n2 ma awakenings er discoveries n explorations wateva wateva.. kz f life s a journey n a journey s a trip zen life is a trip.. zats y z line GOD bless our trip dba.. basta walang lyric na d great o d naka-apekto nang matindi sa akin.. for mo y zont busy mae bee and wee.. jazz.. nope, nope.. erase, erase, erase.. la2ng.. basta, "momma i juana play guitar.. high zont want things 2 stay as zey r.."
==Response: Curses! Text messages! But 10-Q!
Name: Tara    (artillery_unit@yahoo.com)
Date: July 15, 2001
Referred by: publio
Comments: wala na yata akong masasabi na di pa nasasabi ng iba. ang galing galing galing.... argh. sana wag kayong titigil.
==Response: sniffles..salamat!
Name: Gerry Alanguilan     (timawa@laguna.net)
Website: www.alanguilan.com/sanpablo
Date: July 10 2001
From: San Pablo City, Laguna
Referred by: Typed Chain Gang on Search Engine and wondered what will I see.
Comments: Chain Gang! Ang galing ng music ninyo!! BIG fan ako! I'm still looking for your first album. All I got are memories of how great your songs sound. I hope to hear them again. Kelan labas ng 2nd album ninyo?

==Response: This is a great website! Great artwork!
Name: Bochoc Gonda (egonda@usa.net)
Website: www.bochoc.com
Date: May 17 2001
From: Pampanga
Comments: Great! youre still here...i've been looking for your 1st album for years.... i tried raon, quiapo and even the store in harrison plaza selling underground tapes (nandoon pa kaya yun?).. .wala rin...where can I get one ba? Help!
==Response: Wala nah!
Name: jauhn dabz (dabz@edsamail.com.ph)
Website: http://come.to/dabz
Date: Apr 08 2001
From: 6 feet under
Comments: Sorry it took so long for me to find this. Anyway Dorky's my pal and if what whsghxn x haprrrrssss bkkk..jbrr,, sorry bout that - dropped my keyboard... where was i - oh yes - i love dorky (she knows it), i love noami (gosh that voice..ooooooooooooo ) and...didnt' imagine girls with guitars could look extra cute...you get my vote anytime mae.. hope to meet you sometime somewhere..cheers!! burp.
==Response: Burp!
Name: Marou
Date: Mar 18 2001
Comments: ehem... mae, kumusta na yung mga CDs ko? kailan ko sila masisilayan muli?
==Response: Wala nah!
Name: Shei (gromitdc@info.com.ph)
Date: Mar 16 2001
From: philippines, my philippines
Comments: hey dorky! hi girls! miss ko na manood ng chain gang!!! (meron pa palang chain gang, hehehe!)like your much improved site!!!
==Response: Salamat!
Name: hakim (micah@operamail.com)
Date: Feb 22 2001
Comments: Hi Ate Dorcas! Antaray mo pala pag nagda-drums, heh.
Name: Mark Mangona
Date: Feb 20 2001
Referred by: just surfing Filipino bands
Comments: I was glad to see that "ChainGang" is still alive & kicking! coz you guys are'nt that active on the mainstream right?! last time I heard from you was at L.A 105 pa yata? college pa ko noon.this is surely another website to visit guys. I like the (green tongue) by the way he! he!
==Response: Glad you remembered!
Name: Paolo (pmaligaya@edsamail.com.ph)
Date: Feb 3 2001
Referred by: just stumbled into your site while searching for MP3s
Comments: I didn't know you have a website. I'm still waiting for the second album. I really hope you release the first one on CD. Nasira yung luma kong tape; I had to painstakingly repair it because hindi ko alam kung saan pa ako makakabili nun. More power!
==Response: Thanks! Galing mo naman mag-repair ng tape!
Name: Vergel (vergelbom@yahoo.com)
Date: 2001-Jan-27
Comments: whewwwwwwwwwwwww... sa wakas nabisita ko ulit ang website nyo... paganda ng paganda ah... tulad ng banda... heheheeh...pero waaaaaaaaaaaaaa... 'la pa rin akong album nyo kahit isa... (esep esep) san kaya ako pede makakuha?... long live chain gang!!!
==Response: Esep esep...!!

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