Recabling the flex room media cabinet

This is a dress rehearsal for the main event, when I will be pulling 24 CAT6 runs through a 2" conduit from the attic into the garage.

Under the flex room, in the crawlspace, where the conduit will go

Hole drilled up into the subfloor, behind the fireplace

No creatures found. Big composite beams though.

Conduit fed upward into the space behind the fireplace

Strapping the conduit to the floor joists

Running around the exterior edges so it won't interfere with any insulation work in the future

Feeding the other end into the garage near the server rack

Filling the gap around the conduit with intumescent foam. Spilled a bunch.

Cut a hole in the wall, installed mounting ring, and pulled up the end of the conduit

Cut a hole in the garage wall to accept a plastic box

Rigged up a new construction box with an integrated conduit holder

Pushed a fish tape through

Attached to the bundle of cables and started the pull/push

Note: 4 CAT6 and 2 RG6 runs is actually too many for a 3/4" conduit. Would not recommend that many cables, it was very hard to get through even with tons of cable pulling lube

Eventually pulled the cables all the way through

Terminated the box in the garage

Terminated the box in the flex room. Now every device has its own dedicated network run and no more little switch needed

This page created on 2012-03-14.