homebrew Linux fibre channel software raid!

Here's a software RAID consisting of 8 Seagate ST136403FC 36GB 10krpm disks. It's broken into 4 subloops and organized as two RAID-5 volumes of about 102GB each. There is a Vixel LH1000 hub being used and the host adapter on the Linux box is a QLA2202F (shortwave optical). Performance is about 25MB/sec during read from one RAID group and write to the other (worst case scenario). The host system is a quad Pentium 2 Xeon system running at 400Mhz with 1GB of memory and Linux 2.4.24 at time of writing.

Schematic diagram

Front view

Rear view

Side, showing loops

Tighter shot

One sub-loop detail


This page created on 2004-04-09.