So, you want to learn more about Mike? Well, get ready for a journey of wonder, adventure, and.... wonder! This is the Mike Pepe Experience*...

*While this page may seem like a lot of self-serving egotistical nonsense, truth be told, I really don't like writing about myself. However, there's nobody else I'm qualified to write about! So, read on- if you dare!

My Completely Unauthorized Autobiography:

Mike Pepe is this guy who sits around and figures out ways to waste time. Usually this comes about through aimless pondering, trips to the mall, hanging around with his friends, or one of the pointless exercises that he listed below. Basically Mike tries to be a pretty good guy. He tends to be the kind of person that puts the interests of his friends and family before his own personal gains- without being too selfless. In his past he was a bit of a neo-marxist which thankfully has dissipated but part of that philosophy remains as a strong sense of personal egalitarianism towards those around him. Mike is influenced strongly by Eastern philosophy and does not ascribe himself to any particular religious affiliation, despite the horror of being raised a "Good Italian Catholic boy" (TM)
Mike grew up in a forgotten part of suburban central New Jersey. Fed on a steady diet of Monty Python, PBS science documentaries, trips to the Philadelphia museum of art, and Carl Sagan books, he grew up quite disturbed and sociopathic. OK, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but it may be safe to say that there weren't many other kids who shared a lot of his interests. He developed an affinity for mechanical and electronic things, and despite the lack of an exact count it is safe to say that he managed to disassemble or destroy just about anything that is screwed together and plugs into a wall socket (without electrocuting himself very often, which is rather extraordinary) This propensity for electronics naturally found its way towards computing, and in the mid 80's, he got a TRS-80 Color Computer. This event could be considered the end of what may have been a "Normal Life", although it seems to have worked to his advantage. Mike was fascinated by electronic communication tools, and built his own intercoms and such out of old telephone parts. This fascination turned into modem communications later on, and with 300 baud manual dial modem in hand, Mike jumped into the online world and somehow never turned back.
Although he tends to have highly technical interests and skills, at the core he is an artist- although he sometimes lacks the skill to express it well. His skills tend to present an aura of intelligence, but he tends to be naive about many simple subjects, especially when it comes to human behavior. He also tends to operate at an emotional level, with a rather annoying sense of romance that can be a strength and a weakness... and tends to get him in trouble. Although he dismisses rude, obnoxious, or stupid comments and individuals he does tend to take things personally, and will go far out of his way to right his mistakes and try to keep everyone happy. (which as we all know is an inherent impossibility) He also can write about himself in the third person which is surely a sign of some kind of mental illness. No it isn't. Yes it is! No it isn't. Yes it is!

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