Tokyo Mew Mew

The downward spiral of dark energy;
this is your fate, nyan!

Tokyo Mew Mew Merchandise I've collected

Takara's Mew Ichigo Perfect Figure: highly sought after and clearly not intended for little girls.

Takara's sutoroberuberu toy analysis

Sega's figures

Deskmat: I thought it was a mousepad, but as you can see, it's a bit big for that.

My Sweetheart CD

The highly sought-after 11/02 keychain from Nakayoshi. This is the first time I ever remember buying Nakayoshi, and I did so just for the keychain.Honest.

Kodansha's Tokyo Mew Mew manga tankoban (#1) scans of the cover

UFO catcher set #1, in battle costume


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