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The Tokyo Mew Mew Team:
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(Extracted from fansubs, so not of the greatest quality)

True Form:
(last name first)

Momomiya Ichigo

Aizawa Minto

Midorikawa Retasu

Purin Phon

Fujiwara Zakuro
Mew Form:
Mew Ichigo ("Strawberry")

Mew Mint

Mew Lettuce

Mew Pudding

Mew Zakuro ("Pomegranate")
DNA merged with: Iriomote Mountain Cat
Felis Iriomotensis
Tahiti Blue Lorikeet
Vini Peruviana
Finless Porpoise (Sunameri)
Neophocaena Phocaenoides
Golden Lion Tamarin or Marmoset
Leontopithecus Rosalia Rosalia
Gray Wolf
Canis Lupus
Strawberry Bell

Mint Arrow

Lettuce Castanets

Pudding Ring

Zakuro Cross(?)
Primary Attack:
Ribbon Strawberry Check

Ribbon Mint Echo

Ribbon Lettuce Rush

Ribbon Pudding Ring Inferno

Ribbon Zakuro Spear
Other Attacks or abilities:
Ribbon Strawberry Surprise
~ Can transform into a mermaid in the presence of 'Mew Aqua' ~ ~
Occupation: Student/Waitress at Cafe Mew Mew Student/Waitress at Cafe Mew Mew Student/Waitress at Cafe Mew Mew Elementary Student/Waitress at Cafe Mew Mew Model/Actress/Waitress at Cafe Mew Mew
Strengths: Leader with pure spirit and unshakable positive attitude Highly intelligent Congenial, friendly, tries to keep the peace Highly energetic, fast, agile Very powerful, calm, collected
Weaknesses: Ichigo can't control her transformation at times; the cat ears and tail can pop out when excited. She is blindly in love with Aoyama. Has trouble being serious at times when it is needed. Elite attitude from wealthy upbringing, adores Zakuro Lack of self esteem, easily pushed around, can't swim(!) Immature Prefers to work alone, not very friendly in real life
Notes: The Strawberry Bell is actually written and said "sutoroberuberu" which sounds more like "straw bell bell". I believe "Stawberry Bell" was the intention, but it is not written that way, The manga version of the weapon does not feature a bell dangling from its center. The Mint Arrow weapon is written "minton arou" but "Mint Arrow" seems more sensible. The "Lettuce Castinets" are contracted and actually called "retasutanetto" This particular "Pudding" dessert is not what we're accustomed to in the US; it's not what you're thinking of. I'll try and explain it at some point once I figure out the exact difference. I'm not entirely certain what the name of Zakuro's weapon actually is yet.

The Good Guys:

(Last name first)

Akasaka Keiichiro

Shirogane Ryo

Aoyama Masaya

The Blue Knight

"Masha" R-2000
Affiliation: Mew Project Mew Project Civillian, Ichigo's would-be boyfriend Unknown Mew Project
Occupation: Cafe Mew Mew's Patissier (dessert/pastry chef) Cafe Mew Mew manager(?) Student Protector of Ichigo Robotic assistant to Ichigo

The Bad Guys:


Deep Blue

Kishu (Quiche?)

Pai (Pie?)

Taruto (Tart?)

What's next?
Affiliation: Alien Leader/Conspiritor Alien lackey Alien lackey Young alien lackey  
M.O.: In charge of the alien invasion of Earth Attempting to destroy Tokyo Mew mew, has an interest in Ichigo's power More serious minded than Kishu, likes to analyze and plan attacks Arrived with Pai, an impetuous and obnoxious youngster  


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