Fujitsu M2351 Eagle

picture (34 kByte): Fujitsu Eagle

Picture of an Eagle (advertising flyer from Fujitsu)

There is a huge 19" rack in my Zoo. It homes one of these voluminous Fujitsu Eagle M2351. The Eagle isn't connected now, but plugging in the cables would suffice... but be careful when giving power!

The Eagle is an impressive harddisk: The size is 50x20x80cm and it weights 130 pounds. The 10" disks need a lot of power when spinning up and if the head is moving back and forth, the whole rack is shaking.

But the technical data are interesting and astonishing too: 380 MB, less than 18 ms access time and a data rate of nearly 2 MB/sec (i measured 1.7 MB/sec filesystem throughput!!!). This makes clear, why people 1985 paid over $10000 for an Eagle. The average PC these days had an 20 MB MFM harddisk and the throughput was less than 400 kB/sec (which DOS 3.3 wouldn't make anyway).

The complete specs are here as scans.

picture (17 kByte): Fujitsu Eagle

This is a picture of my Eagle. For comarison: on top of it stands a DDS-I tape drive from Sun which has about the size of an external CD-ROM drive.

picture (47 kByte): Winchester

Within the Eagle you can find this huge Winchester drive with eleven 10" disks

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