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Sun3/60 Self-Test Error Codes:

7 LEDS 0
-------* PROM checksum test (ERROR: CPU)
------** Context register test (ERROR: CPU Board)
-----*-- Segment Map rd/wr test (ERROR: Boot PROM)
-----*-* Segment Map address test (ERROR: CPU Board)
-----**- Page Map Test (ERROR: CPU Board)
-----*** Memory path data test (ERROR: CPU Board)
----*--- NXM buss error test (ERROR: CPU Board)
----*--* Interrupt test (ERROR: CPU Board)
----*-*- TOD clock interrupt test (ERROR: CPU Board)
----*-** MMU protection/status test (ERROR: CPU Board)
----***- Parity error test #1 (ERROR: CPU Board)
----**** Parity error test #2 (ERROR: CPU Board)
---*---- Memory test (ERROR: CPU Board)
*------- Error found (ERROR: CPU Board)
-*------ Exception class error found (ERROR: CPU Board)
--*----- Self-test done [LED flashing] (ERROR: CPU Board)
******** Reset (ERROR: CPU Board)

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