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 1987   Honda : Civic Item number: 2432601336
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Winning bid: US $10,600.00 (Reserve met)
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Ended: Sep-23-03 18:15:00 PDT
History: 8 bids   (US $300.00 starting bid)
Winning bidder: espressox3 ( 57star)
Location: Jacksonville, Fl
United States /Jacksonville
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warehousemotors ( 18star)
 Feedback rating: 18
Positive feedback: 100%
Registered Jan-20-02 in United States
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 Description (revised)
Honda : Civic
Rice Honda Civic VTEC Type-R Spolier JDM Yo!

Miles:112000   Doors:4 doors  
Transmission:Manual   Interior:Blue  
Engine:4 - Cyl.   Year:1987  
Warranty:No   VIN Number:1HGEC4531HA009160
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Title:Clear   Exterior:Blue  

Seller warehousemotors assumes full responsibility for the content of this listing and the item offered.

Vehicle Description

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1987 Honda Civic LX Type-R
Exterior / InteriorMileageVIN #TitleCondition
Blue / Blue 112,000 1HGEC4531HA009160 Clear Excellent
4-Door 4-Cylinder 5-Speed Heavily Used

1987 Honda Civic LX Type-R
Click to enlarge
  • "Dangling" Tweeters
  • "Timex" Monster Tach
  • 15 Inch Tri Star Wheels
  • 9 Inch Alloy Exhaust
  • Custom Kamikazi-Combat Spoiler
  • Fog Lights
  • Front Mount
  • Hood Scoop
  • Kenwood Cassette Stereo
  • Power Brakes
  • Removable Doors
  • Roof Scoop

Tight 1987 Honda Civic LX Sedan Type-R, Custom Spoiler, Ground Effect Body Kit, Fog Lights, JDM Spec R Exhaust, Light Weight Racing Wheels, Front Mount, Super Charger Scoop, Mclaren F1 Scoop, Timex Monster Tach

Gainesville Raceway Drag Race!!

1987 Civic Type-R Fans

This auction is for a "highly" modified 1987 Honda Civic LX Sedan Type-R. This vehicle is equipped with 1.5 Liters of 12 valve carbureted fury. I am sure that it puts down at least "60" Wheel horsepower, if not "62". The power is transferred to the pavement through a slick shifting 5-Speed manual, equipped with an open diff. The interior is ergonomically designed for rapid driving, with a "Timex" Monster Tach to help keep the revs up when shifting, and a detachable face Kenwood stereo to keep the driver occupied when he is not racing other high-powered imports. The car even comes with tweeters dangling from the front doors!

The Mods to the exterior of this car are truly awesome and extensive. The car is equipped with a stylish body kit by "suncast" (makers of fine gardening products and decorative edging) This 5inch garden trim accentuates the curves of the car and gives it a lowered menacing stance. The trim is mounted/stapled in such a way that it highlights the 9 Inch chrome trashcan that now functions as an exhaust. At the front of the car you will notice the large intercooler and the fog-lights to light up the boulevard so you can cruise for the ladies. The car even comes with California plates because everyone knows that is where all the hot imports are from! On the hood a large aluminum scoop feeds air into the engine. I am not sure where it came from but it would be equally at home on the supercharger of a top fuel dragster. I also equipped the civic with a non-functional "roof scoop", like the Mclaren F1 and the Saleen S7. It has to add at least 5hp.

In the summer the doors can be removed in the back instantly transforming this car into a civic with no rear doors. (Check with your local police ordinances before attempting this mod) In addition to the increased airflow, and weight reduction for street racing it allows for quick access when fly honeys want to cruise.

The highlight of the body modifications to this car has to be the "Biplane-Kamikaze-Combat-Strafe-Attack Spoiler" It is made of wood for light weight and is mounted on 24 Inch Alloy Support Tubes (Pipe Conduit). The down force it provides helps keep the rear wheels in full contact with the road at all times. This down force works with the wide tri-star wheels to enable this car to corner like a Ferrari.

Now don't think that this car is all show and no go. It was build from day one to be a serious street racer. In fact it blew through the quarter mile in only 20.11 Seconds at 66.8 MPH! It eats Mustangs and Camaros for breakfast.

Click to enlarge

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1. Auction is subject to prior sale.
2. Your bid is a binding legal contract, so consider your bid carefully before placing it. For more information, please review the terms of ebay’s user agreement, which every ebay member accepted during registration.
3. You must be 18 years old or older to bid.
4. You must have the funds or necessary financing arranged prior to placing your bid. Deadbeat bidders will be billed $300.00 For our auction costs and time and effort expended.
5. We reserve the right to cancel bids from users with excessive negative feedback or bid retractions. We reserve the right to notify bidders and end the auction at any time, and we shall not be held liable for any such cancellation and possible re-listing, at our discretion.
6. Bid retractions during the last 24 hours of the auction will be grounds for immediate auction cancellation and possible re-listing, at our discretion.
7. Bid shielding, auction interference, and any other form of harassment will not be tolerated. Ebay will is notified of such illegal or unethical behavior, and any legal remedies necessary may be taken to protect our interests.

After the Auction Ends
1. Deposit of $1000 must be sent within 48 hours of auction end. Cashier’s checks, money orders, or wire transfers only. No personal checks will be accepted.
2. Fulls payment must be made within 7 days of auction end or lose the deposit.
3. Buyer must pay any applicable sales tax; as well as shipping or transportation costs.
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5. Trade-ins are not accepted on ebay motors sales.

About the Vehicle
1. All vehicles are sold “as-is”, with no warranty from the seller, expressed or implied.
2. We will make every reasonable effort to describe the vehicle, and we include many photos to assist in that effort. However, it is important to remember that these vehicles are pre-owned, not brand new. Therfore, minor items such as cigarette lighters, manuals, cd changer magazines, etc. May be missing. And, as with any used vehicle, minor signs of wear may become apparent under close inspection. This may include small chips, light scratches or minor abrasions, wheel scuffs, and other indications of normal wear and tear. We cannot and will not be held liable or responsible for these issues.
3. If you need to have your new vehicle shipped we can assist with the arrangements, however, you are responsible for payment to the shipper.
4. Out of state buyers are required to pay all state, county, city taxes and fees, as well as title fees, only in the state that the vehicle will be registered. If arriving by air we can pick you up at the jacksonville international airport, which is only 15 minutes away. Our office hours are monday-friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm and saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm. Please call our friendly staff at 904-448-1001 or email us for any questions you might have! Thank you for your time! Bid with confidence.

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Vehicle Condition

Vehicle runs, and drives. A/C does not work. This car is tight!

Terms of Sale

The auction is for everything pictured except the aluminum hood scoop. My friend let me borrow it and I have to give it back. I will replace it with the other half of the roof scoop for no extra charge!

On Sep-14-03 at 17:14:00 PDT, seller added the following information:

Fan Mail.... hey buddie, your car is so gay, you dont know anything about imports. Also, your car is supposed to have a "timex" tachometer, well it's a da*n clock. you are so dumb for even trying to sell it. plus you shouldn't say that it's a type r, you don't even know what a type r is. you are such a douche bag! sorry but your dumb.

On Sep-15-03 at 09:49:47 PDT, seller added the following information:

Fan Mail....
This is by far the best auction that I have ever seen for a modified Honda product. You are an inspiration to anyone who isn't gay. My associates and I are rallying together to buy this car, we want to race it against CRX's and Accord's and maybe a moped or a skateboard. We are a little concerned though with your 1/4 mile time quotes and trap speeds, they seem a bit low. I am not tryig to take anything away from your fine tuning mods, but I need to know if you are fudging these numbers to sell this car. I wondered if the stickers you had put on the car are lightweight? could there be lighter ones out there? or is it all about show? Thanks

On Sep-15-03 at 13:08:59 PDT, seller added the following information:

...yet again more fan mail
DUDE! there's your car1 thats the s**t if i had the money id bid like a h**ker! that car is like super dope! ID pimp the h3ll out of some b*tchs with that ryde its mad tught! that Fool that gave you the first comment is mad trippin hes all offended that you made you honda look 30 times better than his kitted out honda and yous had removeable doors that mad crazy yo! and you in Jaksonville! you have to have atleast 20g's in that 20 second beast! if u dont sell it i want to be your friend well cruze the beach and wait for the honneys to come and hop in the doorless back seats. ill buy you some neons... aaron fan for life yo!

On Sep-15-03 at 15:40:35 PDT, seller added the following information:

This guy really likes the car...

u a f*ck1ng moron. this car is so fugly little piece of shi*attt. You dumbass for even trying to sell it on ebay. take it to the remote field and blow it up.

On Sep-15-03 at 16:21:28 PDT, seller added the following information:

email #72...

Yo dawg, dat Civic is off da chizane. But for real, dis ges one dem concep carz, right? Duz Honda no u tryin to sell diz dope ride? If my babys mama dint keep poppin out kidz, I wood throw a wad down fer it. Maybe u mak me a deal yo, I gots $26.50. Hook a bratha up?!?

On Sep-16-03 at 12:15:50 PDT, seller added the following information:

Thanks for letting me know....

Are you serious? If you did this to that poor old car all I have to say is, well, oh my god I hate you. You should be taken to a remote place and destroyed with that car to put both of you out of misery. 1)"Timex Tach"......It's a fu%k!ng clock! 2)"Custom dangling tweets".....They are hanging from the door like my nuts hang on a hot day 3)The wing is wood! So much more I could comment on, but not worth my time. Just do the whole world a favor, never work on another car again, and if you do don't use gardening equipment for a body kit (or a cut up trash can for a hood scoop).

Here is another fan...

Dude you must know nothing about imports. That car has at least 30 stickers on it. At 10 HP per sticker that car has over 300 hp plus the stock 60. The exhaust would add 50 hp and the spoiler 20 hp. That car has to be a total of 430 horsepower. Any import racer knows its a 10 second car.

On Sep-17-03 at 06:28:35 PDT, seller added the following information:

This guy has it all figured out...

I can only assume you're selling this because you get called a fag ricer at every stoplight and get your ass smoked by LeBarons and can no longer tolerate the mental pain.
And I'm sure you know there's Type R Civic, so claiming that you have an authentic Type R Civic is false adverstising.
After looking over the pictures I can safely assume you've spent about $90 on 'modz', but luckily the homemade Type R 'badge' saved a few nickels.
"Eats Mustangs and Camaros for lunch"
Yeah, more like eats Metros (with a spare, jack, and various other objects in the trunk weighing at least 300 lbs) for lunch, am i rite?

On Sep-18-03 at 10:07:01 PDT, seller added the following information:


Hey do you know anything about cars at all, that wood spoiler you have makes that car look so f***ing ugly, why do you need a rear spoiler when the car is FF, and comon 60 horsepower, my car is 83 supra and I can smoke your car and i only paid 1500 dollars for it, my cars 1/4 time is 16.5 stock configuration, and having and exhuast that big you only loose back pressere, your stereo sucks, mine is way better and so is my system 4000 watts of bass power, your 20+ seconds quarter mile time is ridiculous, Thats one funy f###ing auction though, and what the f*** is that thing in your front bumper some kind of cheap ass intercooler.

On Sep-18-03 at 11:52:40 PDT, seller added the following information:

I must apologize in advance for any mexicans reading this...

what the hell are you trying to pull? is this some kind of sick joke? take the "car", if you can call it that, back to the mexican you stole it from, then kick your own @ss, or get a friend to do it, if you have any.

JDM Hookup Yo...

Hi! I'm from Japan. I loved this car, I guess it's what USDM Honda looks like. Do you think you can ship it to Japan. We are going to put it to Tokyo Auto Salon 2004. Thanks

This guy has serious anger issues...and probably a mullet

i cant reallt fully express my anger toward u or i could be put in jail... u probably live in some remote location because any car and i mean ANY car and or foot powered bike could wipt the street w/u. i personally have a camaro and i would race u for slips and then i would take the car and blow it up. no seriosly i would blow the thing up thats what the person who buys this is gonna do they prob r so rich they could afford to blow a couple of grand on something there gonna demolish...whoever wins this car can u please email the video of u blowing this thing up.

I seriously hope this guy is not serious...

Yo, this sh1t just aint funny dawg. i mean peeps just wanna pimp out they rides fo the b1tch*s. whyz ya gotta hate some brothaz who jus tryin to keep sh1t real in da hood. life aint easy when ya got yo baby mama straight naggin on yo azz to pay childz spport. weez playaz straite ballin wit our original car stylin. whyz ya gotta be hatin on us brothas when weez was da first to pimps out our rydez wit trash can hood scoop and clear cornas. i aint appreciatin bout themz smart azz comments uuuz jealus hatin wanna be ballaz postin bout da clock tach. i wazz DIIII FIRST playa to rock that sh1t out in my riiiide. so all y'all b1tch*s who be thinkin this car is funny an all dat...iz not...cuz thaz how we playaz in da hood pimp out our ridezzz. peace one ballaz and bitches

Safety first...

that red bottle on the dash would come in handy , after setting fire to that f**k1n Piece of $h!t car u call a TYPE R , the owner of that car needs his @ss kicked then a beating wit a bat , the loser has to wear a helmet when hes in the car just so he dosent get laughed out of the countery cuz of his stupidity , i think u people if u have any brains at all need to set the car on fire and roast hot dogs wit it cuz the car is useless , i mean come on 20 sec in the 1/8? my escort can beat that hunk of dog $h1t, hell i can out run that car on my BMX bike , and to say it eats stangs HA if u wanna race a stang ill put mine up to that thing, ill even take the paxton super charger off and the put on the factory heads and intake and and ill still burn that car
ur just losers

This is the most intresting trade proposal yet aside from the yugo, cell phone combo...

You sir have ruined my day... I now wish I had not spent the money I did to mod my 11 second street car when I could have simply bid on your car... Would you consider a trade for a kidney or other nonessential body part? How about my neighbor or some of his body parts? I dont like him anyway and would be MORE than happy to trade him (or pieces of him) to you for the car.

Maybe after I get back from the Tokyo Auto Salon

LOL, I love your car. Those emails that people sent you about not knowing anything about imports are freakin great. Anyway, my name is David Rucker owner of Extreme Velocity Productions (www.extremevelocityproductions.com) I was wondering if you have any footage of your car that you would let me use in our next import video (Street Outlaws 2)

On Sep-18-03 at 11:57:17 PDT, seller added the following information:

We are now the number oe item on ebay acording to andale...


On Sep-18-03 at 12:21:51 PDT, seller added the following information:

I would like to reiterate that I am actually selling this car. If you do not intend to purchase this vehicle please do not bid. Thank you for the intrest and overall positive response to my creation.

On Sep-18-03 at 16:46:27 PDT, seller added the following information:

Whats a sumat???

What the f*c# is that car? It looks f*c#ing stupid, Scrap it, burn it or sumat, What a pile of sh!te

On Sep-18-03 at 18:31:54 PDT, seller added the following information:

The only american vehicles I have ever owned have been the trucks I used to tow my ITA MR2 or DSP SE-R. And as a previous owner of a Supra Turbo and an M3 I am well aware of how imports handle in the twisties...

I bet you think you are so cool. You are probably about 16 and drive some v6 mustang too. I dunno why I waste my time, but I love the mentality of some people. All you die hard American car lovers knock import cars, but quite a few American cars posess foreign motors or have foreign designs in them. "There's no replacement for displacement" is what you think. However someone can take a Japanese car (or any smaller displacement engine in a car) and tune it to run 10s on the street and still be able to drive it to work everyday with good gas mileage. For the most part any fast(I'm talking 12's or under)V8 powered car is only driven to go race or to cruise for a short period of time. And they can't handle worth a damn either. They do straightline. Take them to the twistys and watch them get owned. They also break parts like its their job because they are pushed beyond their limits to make power. I would flame your ass more and put more thought into it, but I have cla! ss early tomorrow. And just because some jackass does something like you did to that car doesn't mean that all Imports are like that. I'm sure you being down in Jacksonville see plenty of RX-7's, Supra's, 300zx's, and other import cars that haul ass. So next time think before you do something like this.

Sorry to shoot down your 16 year old V6 Mustang theory...

On Sep-18-03 at 18:37:24 PDT, seller added the following information:

Lets hear it for Garrett, I am glad to see that they have a sense of humor. Now if only Home Depot will step up to the plate with some sponsorship money...

Dear Sir,
We at Garrett Turbo are most honored and happy that you selected our turbo as part of the performance package for this fine racer. We take pride in our product and we believe that our turbos, like this fine racer, are the best in the market. Therefore, we would like to offer you a substantial sum of "sponsorship" money. The only thing we ask is to "Please removed our company sticker from the windshield!"
Thank you
From the Chairman and CEO, Garrett Turbo.

On Sep-18-03 at 19:02:41 PDT, seller added the following information:

Im flatered but I think my girlfriend would get upset...

"Will you marry me?"

In addition to marriage proposals I have recieved several job offers, like this one...

"Hi my name is Chris Davis and I work in the R&D department at American Honda Motor Corp. We at American Honda just wanted to express to you how much we enjoy seeing Honda enthusiasts like yourself express themselves through their cars. However at the same time we think you could be a great assest to our R&D team here at our headquarters. Here at Honda we have created some of the best cars ever, and have considered reintroducing the 87 Civic body style and would like to use your designs from your car and would like you to head up the team that would create it. We need people like you to continue creating the best cars known to man. We think that by creating a mass production car just like your car that we can be considered number 1 amongust the "POS" cars that have been created. Even if you don't take us up on our offer we hope you'll continue driving pieces of s*&t like this car and always wear your helmet for your reputation sake cause heaven forbid anyone ever sees you driving this car."

On Sep-19-03 at 07:37:57 PDT, seller added the following information:

What is it with all the gay comments...

Your car and attempt to be funny is very weak..wow your life must suck to waste all that time typing that stupid stuff..really its not funny at all get your boyfriends ball gravy outta your eyes........1

On Sep-20-03 at 12:21:52 PDT, seller added the following information:

Well as of this morning I have recieved 472 emails. I have been proposed too once, offered three jobs, two positions in various films and generally been called an idiot/moron/retard twenty three times. That leaves 443 positive, supportive emails from people who generally like the car and understand the underlying humor that has made this the most viewed auction in all of ebay. I have recieved emails from, Australia, Japan, Finland, Denmark, England and New Jersy. As far as I can tell this car has been mentioned on over 50 car forums accross the internet. I must say that when I made this car as a joke 2 years ago I had no idea it would become such a phenomenon.

On another note I would like to reiterate that this car really is for sale. I apreciate the bids I have recieved and just want to make it clear that your bid is a legal binding contract to purchase this vehicle. If you do not intend to follow up with your bid please retract it so that some one who really intends to purchase the car can get an opertunity to enjoy it as much as me and my friends have.

On Sep-21-03 at 09:55:31 PDT, seller added the following information:

Sweet I am in the same league with superman...

my hero used to be super man, then it was my dad, then it was all the fire men in the world, but now, it is without a doubt you! thank you for giving me something to look up to!!!!

All I have to say is wow...


I am at a loss...

I have always liked the 70's vintage muscle cars until I saw your car for sale. I have currently put my original cobra up for sale in hopes I can come up with the money before this auction ends. I wish that more of the imports around this area looked like yours, but apparently they are not as race orientated. If I am able to get $2000 for my cobra will you take 72 pinto wagon in on trade as well? I made it into a truck with a chop saw. It worked really well, I took the base off the saw and then wound it up and started grinding. The saw flew out of my hands once and killed my dog. The sparks caught the interior on fire, I was stuck inside and I ended up with third degree burns on 40 percent of my body. After a six month hospital stay I was able to get back to work and now it's finished. It's really nice!! but I can't show you any pics because my camera was in the pinto when it caught on fire. Take my word for it, this thing is almost as nice as your car. I think t! he $2000 and the pinto for your car would be fair. Please get back to me!! I don't want to miss out on this awesome deal!!

On Sep-21-03 at 14:56:12 PDT, seller added the following information:

Im not even going to respond to this...

The sad thing is the only reason that you're making fun of imports is because you don't have a nice one or the knowledge of how to customize one. Just as much time has been put into making fun of it with your piece of junk as it is to make a custom import yourself. What a waste of time.

On Sep-21-03 at 21:45:03 PDT, seller added the following information:

I am sure I know quite a bit more about "type-r's" then this guy...
Also I would like to wager that he has some pent up homosexual tendencies, that he needs to deal with.

you are soo g&y buddy!! let me start by saying you're a fu*#ing joke. you dont even know what a type R is let alone what it stands for. personally if I owned that car I would jump it right off a cliff and into a watery grave. You are the pinnacle of LOSER. 20.11 seconds in a 1/4, I can push my car down the track faster then that. Plus calling that ugly piece of sh!t a ricer, you oughta just kill yourself. 9 inch exhaust,timex tach, go out and get a job and go buy a real car. I hope someone thinks ur funny because i dont. I hope you get sued for driving that thing around. you and you're rusty lame "RICE" should get off the street because if I ever saw that TYPE SUCKS D!C# on the street ill make sure I hit it you waste of life. I bet you cant even afford food you welfare homo. just take your 20 second mustang eater and go eat another c0c# u f&ggot. CIVIC TYPE R my &ss!!!!

On Sep-22-03 at 13:37:22 PDT, seller added the following information:

Some one help this guy, I am at a loss...

"You ever notice that when bunnies chew on straw, it kinda looks like a sock puppet? I have....
Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Badger! Mushroom!Mushrooom! snaaaake, snaaaaaaaaake, snaaaaooooooo!"

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